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This page collates videos related to the quick-mesh procedural-modelling kernel and scripting language - including application previews and instructional guides.

Tutorials & Screencasts

These starter tutorials and screencasts are targeted at new users of the kernel and grammar - and aim to provide visual supplements to the PDF quick-start guides.

→ Introduction to the Quick-Mesh Command-Line Kernel
A tutorial demonstrating command-line use of the quick-mesh kernel.
Keywords: QMSH-Kernel

→ Introduction to the Quick-Mesh Engine-Plugin: Unity
A tutorial explaining the use of the quick-mesh plugin in Unity.
Keywords: QMSH-Plugin, Unity

→ Introduction to the Quick-Mesh Web-Sandbox
A tutorial covering the experimental quick-mesh web-assembly editor.
Keywords: QMSH-Sandbox

Application Previews

The following set of screen-recordings act as auxiliary visual documentation to help clarify the actual workflow for applications in the tool-chain during active use.

→ QMSH-Editor: Application Preview
A brief introduction to the Quick-Mesh Editor for Android.
Keywords: QMSH-Editor

→ QMSH-Visual: Application Preview
A short preview of Quick-Mesh Visual for Android - an interactive node-graph editor that aims to help new-users get to grips with the QMSH Grammar.
Keywords: QMSH-Visual

→ QMSH-Kernel: Application Preview
A short demonstration of the Quick-Mesh Kernel running on Android.
Keywords: QMSH-Kernel

→ QMSH-Scripts: Application Preview
A brief outline of Quick-Mesh Scripts by Codemine - a collection of polyhedral procedural modelling scripts written in the QMSH Grammar.
Keywords: QMSH-Scripts

These additional screen-recordings focus on specific aspects of the QMSH-Editor and aim to provide more in-depth treatment/demonstrations of useful features.

→ QMSH-Editor: Free-Roam Motion Controller
A short annotated screen-recording demonstrating the basic use of the free-roam motion-controller in the editor's geometry-viewer.
Keywords: QMSH-Editor

→ QMSH-Editor: Source-Indexing Options
A short screen-recording demonstrating the use of the procedural-editor's source-indexing options to coordinate shortcut (jump-to) navigation of a script.
Keywords: QMSH-Editor

→ QMSH-Editor: Multi-Touch - Pinch-Zoom and Pan-Move
A short screen-recording demonstrating the use of 2-finger multi-touch interaction gestures in the procedural-editor.
Keywords: QMSH-Editor

→ QMSH-Editor: Smooth-Shading vs. Flat-Shading
A short screen-recording to document the effect that smooth-shading (relative to flat/faceted-shading) has on rendering frame-rate within the editor's geometry-viewer during free-roam motion mesh navigation events.
Keywords: QMSH-Editor

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